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Photo: Kaja Kozłowska/Creative Commons



Clients usually come to Nova Europa for one or more of the following reasons:


To answer a specific question


Many clients want analysis of a topic about which there is no information in the public domain or the available information is not in a form which can be easily processed.


To demonstrate due diligence


Many investors and companies in Eastern Europe need to show that they have commissioned independent research to satisfy the requirements of shareholders and creditors.


To meet a formal requirement for expert analysis


Some professions have a formal requirement to submit an independent analysis to support their representations in court.


To test existing theories


Some clients are keen to test or augment analysis by their own risk managers and research teams by commissioning an outside expert to re-think their assumptions.


To stimulate strategic thinking


Some clients want to engage an outside expert to draw attention to risks and opportunities in Eastern Europe which they may not have previously considered. 

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