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Nova Europa is a specialist consultancy which provides bespoke research and analysis of politics in Eastern Europe to the private and public sector. Its goal is to help clients understand how politics can affect their interests in Central Europe, the Baltic States, the Balkans and parts of the former Soviet Union.


Nova Europa is able to take on a wide range of assignments and has built up a strong track record in the following:


  • Due diligence on the political risks to investments by international companies in Eastern Europe


  • Country risk assessments for investors, exporters and contractors, usually involving consideration of a range of political, economic, social and commercial factors.


  • Expert analysis for the legal and insurance industry.


  • Expert briefings on the implications of current political developments.


  • Investigative research on members of the political and economic elite in Eastern Europe.



Among the analysis which Nova Europa has recently produced for clients are: populist parties in southeastern Europe; judicial reform in Albania; the new terrorist threat in Eastern Europe;  border disputes in the Balkans and the former Soviet Union; energy security in the Western Balkans; civil unrest in southeastern and central Europe; conflict settlement in Ukraine; and the role of oligarchs in the Bulgarian economy.

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