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Photo: Stefan Krasowski/Creative Commons


Regional expertise


Nova Europa has exceptional expertise in the politics, economics and history of Eastern Europe.


Strong research and analytical skills


Our staff are all highly trained in research and analysis, with the ability to find information, to think through complex issues in depth and to form a cogent analysis based on their findings.


Wide access to information


Nova Europa has access to multiple sources of information, including material in the languages of Eastern Europe, and a wide network of contacts in the region.




We can handle a wide range of enquiries and produce bespoke analysis for clients based on their specific requirements.


Clarity of Presentation


Nova Europa presents its analysis in a manner which is clear, concise and accessible, without ever compromising the breadth or complexity of an issue.


Accuracy and Objectivity


Our staff always strive for accuracy in their analysis, and present their views without prejudice or bias, based on the evidence and their accumulated expertise.




Nova Europa maintains a high degree of professionalism in all aspects of its service, delivering work to the highest quality, on time and in accordance with the client’s needs.


Proximity to clients


With an office in Cambridge, we can meet clients anywhere in the UK and Europe, and further afield.

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